Frequently asked questions


It is a sport of jumping where the jumper maneuvers in free fall from an aircraft and is falling through the air before deploying a parachute. This means that a free fall occurs when a person jumps out of an aircraft. In other words – to plunge (dive) into the sky, reaching a significant speed. Skydiver’s “free fall” after reaching terminal velocity produces the sensation of the body’s weight being supported on a cushion of air. Skydiving is a popular adventure sport, it also has applications in different fields, in the military for example, when troops are required to land at specific sites after jumping out of an aircraft. The term “free fall skydiving” is commonly used to describe this case in everyday speech and in the skydiving community.

In Newtonian physics, free fall is any motion of a body where gravity is the only force acting upon it. In the context of general relativity, where gravitation is reduced to a space-time curvature, a body in free fall has no force acting on it (source: Wikipedia)

Skydiving prices vary from place to place. Single jumps usually start from $190 and can go up to $300.

In skydiving, different body positions permit an individual to control the way they fall. Flight controls include sliding to the left or right, pivoting in position and increasing or decreasing the fall rate. The combination of any of these controls is body flight. Skydivers love flying in an ope-air wind tunnel as it allows them to fine tune their controls in a controlled open environment.

Outdoor or open-air (open-type) tunnels allow customers to enjoy the true sensation of flying without restrictions. In open-type wind tunnels, the flyer is not positioned inside the perimeter-bound protective glass or other similar barriers. Hence, the flight itself is more like a free fall flight, gives more freedom and does not limit the view. A specially designed wind flow prevents the flyer from leaving the wind column and helps staying in the optimum wind flow zone. For safety reasons, the outer perimeter of the wind tunnel is equipped with a special safety net and the floor features padded cushions. Outdoor/open-air vertical wind tunnels are commonly used for shows, events, and brand promotion, but can be also operated in permanent locations

Open-air skydiving is a very safe sport. Before flying, customer will go through a safety briefing so to know what to expect and how to maintain proper body position in the tunnel. Since it is ope-air tunnel you have no typical risks like bumps or scrapes with tunnel walls which need to prevent by wearing elbow and knee pads. Your flight instructor within arm’s reach through your entire flight to provide guidance and help you navigate bodyflight.

Most flight sessions are two-minute long. Once you experience open-air skydiving, you’ll realize that it’s an amazing workout and will tire you quickly. Well-trained flyers train in two minute increments. Flying for much longer does cause fatigue and can lead to ineffective workout.

Customers describe the feeling of open-air skydiving like something between flying and floating. It’s similar to the feeling you get in free fall when you go skydiving. Your instructor will assist you at all times to ensure that you maintain a stable body position.

General Questions :

1. How Does This Work?

For the entertainment operations we recommend the following criteria:

  • customers should have a decent physical condition and fitness level
  • first-time flyers should be aged 4 years and above
  • You can’t partake IF you are pregnant, shoulders, back and spinal disc pain or frailty, as well as alcohol and drug abuse

The experience is approximately 60 minutes long from when you arrive until you leave!

  • Your flight length depends on the package you’ve chosen. To give you a sense, inexperienced Skydivers the free fall off a plane last for roughly 40 seconds before their parachute is pulled. To experience 6 minutes in our tunnel is to take on 120+ mph for that duration of time.

Traditional free fall time for a real skydive is roughly 60 seconds long. Flight packages normally begin with 2 minutes of flight time and go up from there. For those in average or above average physical shape, more flight time will make for a better experience. Like any other sport, the more you fly, the more you can endure.

SuperFlights experience will take between 45 minutes to and hour. This includes our orientation on how to fly, getting the team suited up, and of course, your actual flight time. We do ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your flight to fill out our waiver before we begin.

Safety is our number one priority, this ensures that your experience is always completely safe and fun! Our instructors, who are highly qualified and trained for all safety measures, will always be by your side during your flight to guide you and ensure you have the best experience.

You can visit our booking system and get a voucher today! Once the Wind tunnel opens, you can redeem you voucher online to reserve a flight time or in person.

Non-flyers can watch the excitement unfold from several viewing areas around the Wind Tunnel.

If you book your session with a group or family, you will all go through the experience in the same session and you will be taken to the flight chamber together. However, as a first-time flyer, your flights will be in a rotation schedule and flyers will be taken in individually by your instructor.

  • We fly up to 20 people per hour, you and your friends/family members are able to participate in the same class, but, you won’t be permitted to fly at the same time. You will have the ability to watch others fly from just outside the tunnel. Am I be able to do tricks and flips in the Wind Tunnel?
  • Experienced flyers are permitted to practice their tricks & flips. First-time flyers are to fly with an instructor at all times to ensure ones safety. Purchasing more time in the tunnel, 6 or more minutes, will allow some flyers to go through the basic principles – how to move side-to-side, forward/back.To become an experienced flyer, we do offer Private lessons, to learn more click *insert link to Private Lessons page*

Indoor Skydiving has you flying inside a container with glass walls, with minimal view besides your peers awaiting to fly. Our Outdoor Wind Tunnel has nothing holding you within, it’s just you and the sky (and instructor, of course). Add on a phenomenal view of the Intercoastal & you have SuperFlight Miami!

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your reservation to begin the class on time. You will need to fill out a waiver prior to. Each class begins on the hour mark. Arriving late? Please give us a call to notify our team, and/or potentially reschedule for a later time/day.

To guarantee your spot, we highly recommend that you book in advance by making an online booking or visiting our reception desk at least one day prior to your experience. Feeling spontaneous? Simply walk-in and we’ll put you in the next available class.

2. Preparation for Flight

Yes, eating before your scheduled flight session should NOT lead to motion sickness, ‘dropping’ of the stomach, or Nausea

We recommend that you do not wear your goggles during the flight, however, we can accommodate for guest when necessary.

All loose items should be removed to avoid the risk of losing them in the wind. Removing items from your pockets is highly recommended. Lockers are available at request prior to the flight to ensure all your belongings remain safe and secured, during the duration of your flight.

Dress in an outfit that is comfortable and easy to wear overalls over:

1. Trousers (Comfortable athletic trousers)
2. Comfortable shorts
3. T-shirt with no collar
4. Socks
5. Shoes should be flat, lace-up and with no hooks or loose parts. (We can also provide you with our shoes).
6. If you have long hair, make sure to tie it back so it doesn’t obstruct your vision.

Comfortable clothing is recommended, and closed toe shoes. You will wear our SuperFlight ‘Jump Suits’ over your clothing for the best flight experience.

Dress in an outfit that is comfortable and easy to wear overalls over:

  • You must wear the flight suit to maximize your flight experience and avoid any wardrobe malfunction. The flight suit will help you capture more air, while ensuring no clothes flies off in the process.
3. Safety

Participants can weigh no more than 285 lbs. If you are concerned about your weight, please discuss it with your instructor prior to the class.

Anyone over the age of 3 can fly! Our instructors are trained to ensure that you and your family fly in a safe environment. There are records of people flying well over the age of 100 years.

In comparison – you must be 18 years old to jump off a plane, Skydiving.

Flyers should be in decent physical shape to fly. There will be a significant amount of wind pressure on your shoulders, participants with weak shoulders or prior shoulder dislocations are recommended not to fly. Your body will be in an arched position with your hips forwards. If you have back issues that prevent this body position you should avoid flying. Any other serious health issues should be discussed with a physician prior to flying.

You won’t have any difficulties breathing inside of our tunnel.

The instructor is with you at all times throughout the flight, and is prepared to handle all situations. The wind tunnel is surrounded by soft air cushions and a protective net ensuring the safety of the flyer.