What Package Is The Best For You

Experience the Sensation of Skydiving without the Risk. No Free Fall, No Problem!

New to the world of Skydiving? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Find a package that works for you, whether you’re a first time or experienced flyer, we got it all.

Our customers can experience a Tandem Flight with an Instructor (Most Common)

Learn to fly solo with Private Lessons (Highly Exclusive).


Our packages fit under 3 categories – which one fits you?

TASTE TESTERS – For most first-time flyers it’s recommended that you look at the two & four minute packages. Four minutes being the ideal time spent inside our tunnel, allowing you to get a full understanding of the tunnel.


REPEAT FLYERS – Hone in on your skills by taking more time, a minimum of 6 to 8 minutes is recommended to make progress. Trying to expedite the learning process? We have packages that extend up to 24 minutes!

Group Rates – For bigger groups/parties, maximize your savings by purchasing more time to share between the group. Reserve up to 24 minutes at our standard rate, which can be shared across 12 people (2 minute each).


Private Lessons – Interested in learning to fly solo? You can call or e-mail us to learn more! All private lessons include one-on-one instructor training to correct your mechanics and get you flying quickly and properly!



EXPERIENCED FLYERS – you can reserve up to 60 minutes of tunnel time in a visit! Come learn to Fly like the Pros!