SuperFlight Miami 

A true Skydiving Masterpiece 

Prepared to fly? SuperFlight has partnered with Jungle Island to deliver the perfect getaway, a day filled with adventure, delicious eats, and a lively atmosphere. SuperFlight has become a draw for locals, tourists, students, skydivers, hosting family & corporate events, and birthday parties.


SuperFlight Origins

In November of 2018, Miami gave birth to the very first outdoor wind tunnel in the United States.

SuperFlight arrived to showcase the newest form of skydiving!

No parachute necessary, no container holding you within; it’s just you & the sky!

With wind speeds that can exceed 140 MPH, you’ll be soaring 10-30 feet above ground within seconds!

Our core values

Integrity – At SuperFlight we are honest & committed to providing customers with the most entertaining experience.
Quality –  Our Instructors have undergone months of training and years of flying to deliver a safe and enjoyable experience.
Passion – We are passionate about flying, and strive to share our interest with our customers during their flight.
SuperFlight History
Superflight Aerodium is currently the pioneer of open-air vertical wind tunnels in the United States, bringing the freedom of outdoor flying to life!
Host A Private Party
SuperFlight hosts the most unique party for kids of all ages.
No experience required.
Ask about our private events.
Outdoor Flying
Our wind tunnel is located in the heart of Miami, overlooking the city! Come visit us at Bayside, & enjoy a flight in front of family & friends!
Planning Your Weekend
We routinely host guests seeking the thrill of Skydiving near Miami, Florida. Enjoy some great eats near SuperFlight.

Meet The Instructors

Modern Day Superman

Our Professional Instructors take flying to the next level. As you enter into their world of Skydiving, learn a bit more about the men behind the Suit.



Bryan Valdez, El Salvador,

30 Years Old

SuperFlight Instructor

Experience: 1 Year


Where were you before SuperFlight?
– I served in the USA Army for 10 years with the 5th Special Forces Group as a Paratrooper, with multiple deployments in the Middle-East.
Favorite thing about SuperFlight?
– Being able to fly with a Visually Impaired Customer, and seeing the smile it brought to his face, a good reminder in seeing that there are no limits.
Most challenging aspect of being an Instructor?
– Managing the cross-winds from the intercostal to ensure the safety of both the customer and instructor.
Recommendations to past flyers?
– Learning to fly takes time, you too can become an expert flyer too with practice! Ask me about our private lessons.

Trace Austin, United States

22 Years Old

SuperFlight Instructor

Experience: 1 Year


Where were you before SuperFlight?
– Before SuperFlight I was only working as a professional dancer.
Favorite thing about SuperFlight?
– My favorite thing about SuperFlight is seeing how much people love flying for the first time, and being able to carry that out.
Most challenging aspect of being an Instructor?
– Attempting to learn new skills, and continuously improve as a Flyer.
Recommendations to past flyers?
– Past flyers should come back and fly again, thats how you get better!

Marcus Lewis, United States

28 Years Old

SuperFlight Instructor

Experience: 5 Years


Where were you before SuperFlight?
– Before SuperFlight I was at IFLY on-boarding new instructors all around the World.
Favorite thing about SuperFlight?
– Flying, it’s what I know, it’s what I do.
– SuperFlight is unique, makes the feeling of flying more realistic as you are being pushed up rather than the free-fall from Skydiving.
Most challenging aspect of being an Instructor?
– Making decisions mid-flight to counteract the customers movements and keep us within the Wind Stream.
Recommendations to past flyers?
– Come again and we can teach you some tricks – learn to turn, move north & south within the tunnel.

Martin Teran, Ecuador

23 Years Old

SuperFlight Operations Assistant

Experience: 1 Year


What made you join SuperFlight?
– Passion for flying, with aspirations to becoming an instructor. Bringing joy to first time flyers.
What’s your favorite thing about SuperFlight?
– You get to experience flight & zero gravity in an outdoor environment, a closer sensation to actual Skydiving.
What has SuperFlight taught you?
– I’ve become less camera shy, from involvement with large groups, to performing flight shows for spectators.
Recommendations to past flyers?
– Come with an open mind, relax and enjoy the experience, with patience and time you can learn to fly solo!

how many SPINS?

What matters to us the most is how PEOPLE feel after flying

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Flying is such a fantastic experience – every flyer is bursting with joy and energy! The vibrant smiles on our clients’ faces – that’s why we love what we do. And we listen to what our clients think and say about us. Read below what our clients say about their flying experience and the attention of our instructors.

Andrea Bianchi

Great time and an amazing experience, instructors are very cool, learning how to fly was incredible. The manager was very kind as well, paying attention to all the details to give us the best experience.


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The Flight Experience

Andrea B., Financial Advisor, 24 years old

  • Q: How was your first flight experience?
    • It was an absolute thrill, in seconds you go from being a foot off the ground to 15-20 feet in the air! You feel like you’re floating, as if gravity doesn’t exist. Superb flight experience!
  • Q: How was the overall experience?
    • It was very unique, we began by an instructional course on how to fly, to then getting suited up like skydivers, then we head towards the tunnel to fly! The instructors were great, they keep you engaged from start to finish, overall very positive experience.
  • Q: What recommendation would you give newcomers?
    • Pay attention to directions and be attentive to others flying, the quicker you get in the right position the quicker you fly high. Also, look to fly about 4 minutes so you can not only fly, but learn a couple of tricks from the instructors.
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